Welcome to DENMARK OPEN 2023

Kvistgård Agility Club welcomes you to DENMARK OPEN 2023. During DENMARK OPEN 2023 it will be possible to run agility every 4 days that the event lasts.

DENMARK OPEN 2023 will be held at the Sports Center in Hoersholm – the same sports center where DANIA CUP 2017 took place. The sports center contains really nice facilities in the form of large, contiguous grass areas and good bathing and changing facilities for the participants, who decide to camp at the sports center.

The week after DENMARK OPEN (20-23 July, 2023) the FCI AGILITY EUROPEAN OPEN will be held in the same place – also with Kvistgård Agility Club as organizer. For agility practitioners and officials who participate in both events, it will be possible to camp throughout the period (July 12 to 24 July 2023), and thus combine the two agility events with a short holiday in the Greater Copenhagen area.

The Sports Center is located in scenic surroundings with Hoersholm Golf Club as the nearest neighbor. There are good opportunities for a nice walk in the area, and the port of Rungsted and the Sound are only approx. 15 minutes’ walk from the Sports Center.

North Zealand offers a sea of sights and activities for children and adults of all ages. Visit e.g. the Museum of Maritime Affairs in Elsinore, which is an example of pioneering architecture that attracts attention worldwide. Bjarke Ingels Group has designed the underground museum, which has won several international awards and has been described as “the most beautiful hole in the earth”.

North Zealand is a region in Denmark bursting with art and culture. Ultra-modern architecture, art and design, international theater and not least sumptuous Renaissance castles that tell Danish history. Kronborg, Fredensborg and Frederiksborg castles are cultural-historical lighthouses that attract tourists from all over the world. Every year in August, the Shakespeare Festival is held in Kronborg’s castle courtyard with international theater companies. Esrum Monastery, originally a large and powerful Cistercian monastery, is today an active center for culture and experience, as well as a pilgrim center. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is a world-class art museum where art, nature and architecture meet in a unique interplay. Experience changing exhibitions with prominent international artists, in addition to a distinguished permanent collection. The Technical Museum of Denmark is also located in Elsinore.

And only approx. 25 minutes’ drive from Hoersholm you will find Copenhagen with tourist attractions such as Tivoli, Copenhagen Zoo, Langelinie with the Little Mermaid, as well as not least lots of shopping, dining and much more in the inner city. Under links you can find references to some of the many experiences in the area.

It is our hope that we will be able to carry out a DENMARK OPEN with participants from both Denmark and abroad, who – despite national borders and language barriers – will open up opportunities for new friendships and where respect for the dog, fellow competitors and the agility sport is paramount. We cross our fingers for some wonderful days with Danish summer and sun.

Participation criteria

Any dog handler must be at least 10 years old (junior handlers only 8 years old) on the day of the competition. Both dogs with and without pedigree can participate. The dog must be 18 months old on the day of the show and have an agility result book issued by DKK or another FCI-recognized kennel club. For dogs from other countries that do not necessarily issue agility result books, the handler/owner must instead bring a document issued by the respective kennel club/national agility club documenting which agility class the dog in question is qualified to participate in.

Participating dogs as well as other dogs about the area for the arrangement must be comprised by a compulsory public liability insurance covering participation at all types of arrangements. The dog owner is responsible for any accident, or any damage caused by his/her dog. All dogs are tested/judged at the owner’s own account and risk, and accidents of any kind is no concern of the organizer. The dog owner is obligated to report the damages that his/her dog has caused to their own insurance company.

The dog must also be at least vaccinated against against canine distemper, parvo virus and infectious hepatitis. Valid documentation is either a valid vaccination certificate or a positive titer test confirming the presence of protective antibodies. The vaccination must be at least 7 days and a maximum of 4 years old. Revaccination must be done no later than 14 days before the first day of competition. Dogs residing abroad must also be vaccinated against rabies according to the Danish legislation in force at the time in question. In addition, the dog must be in good mental and physical health.

Pregnant bitches are not allowed to participate for the last 30 days before birth calculated from 63 days after the first mating, just as bitches with puppies under 75 days are not allowed to participate.

Bitches in season: Bitches in season are welcome to participate in the competition. If your bitch is in season, notification must be given upon check-in – at the latest. If seasoning is noticed by the handler at a later stage of the competition, notification must be given immediately.

The following will apply for handlers with bitches in season:

  • Bitches in season will run on its turn in the starting order in their class.
  • When walking to and from the competition area the handler has to take any precautions necessary in order not to disturb other competitors.

Failure to do so may result in disqualification for the rest of the day or the rest of the competition on distinct discretion by the organizing committee.

Dog illness: Any unused entry fees will be returned in the event of a dog being prevented from participating due to illness. If a dog is unable to participate because of illness, the owner/handler must forward an authorized veterinary certificate or veterinary bill no later than 3 days after the arrangement for a refund of entry fees. The dog’s ID number and detailed information about the disease must appear from the certificate/bill.
An administrative fee of DKK 100.00 will be charged at all times.

NOTE: All ear cropped dogs born after 30 June 2009 cannot take part regardless of the dog’s country of birth. Cropped dogs born before 1 July 2009 can only take part if the dog has been born in a country where ear cropping is permitted.

Tail docked dogs cannot take part, regardless of the dog’s country of birth. The prohibition also includes dogs that have been docked for veterinary reasons, irrespective of whether a veterinary certificate is presented. The only exception are dogs that have a written exemption from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

The following breeds are excepted from the tail docking prohibition: Brittany spaniel, German shorthaired pointer, German wirehaired pointer, Vizsla and Weimaraner.

For detailed rules and exceptions regarding ear and tail docking refer to the Danish Kennel Club’s general regulations.



It is our aim to conduct an agility competition at a high international standard, which can attract the best teams from home and abroad.


Dog sizes:

Competition is divided into four (4) categories according to shoulder height as per FCI 2023-rules:

  • Small/Mini dogs: Up to 34.99 cm.
  • Medium dogs: Between 35.00 and 42.99 cm.
  • Intermediate dogs: Between 43.00 and 47.99 cm.
  • Large/Standard dogs: 48.00 cm and over.

Number of starts per competition day:

The competition will be conducted iup to four different competition rings with an average of around 375 starts per ring per day.

A limit of six (6) starts per handler per day will be applied. However, if you enter the competition with two (2) or more dogs, you must expect to be placed in situations where you are expected to run in more than one ring at the same time. The responsibility of being moved in the starting order, either to the beginning or to the end of the class (or group, in case more than one course walk are planned in the class), rests SOLELY with the handler.

If you miss your number in the starting order without prior arrangement with the primary responsible person in the competition ring, you will not be allowed to start in that particular class.



The following classes are offered on the different days of competition (not necessarily in the mentioned order):

Jumping class 1 (JP1) X X X X
Jumping junior class (JP JUN) X X X X
Jumping class 2 (JP2) X X X X
Jumping senior class (JP SEN) X X X X
Jumping class 3 (JP3) X X X X
Agility class 1 (AG1) X X X X
Agility junior class (AG JUN) X X X X
Agility class 2 (AG2) X X X X
Agility senior class (AG SEN) X X X X
Agility class 3 (AG3) X X X X
Jumping qualification class (JP QUAL) * X X X
Agility qualification class (AG QUAL) * X X X  
Agility final (AG FINAL)       X

* = qualification for the final


Official classes:

Competition is divided into three (3) official classes in accordance with FCI rules and the Danish Kennel Club amendments.

Agility and Jumping Class 1

Only open for dogs not qualified to participate in FCI class 2 or 3.

Outplacement to class 2 happens with a total of six (6) faultless runs in class 1 (of which at least three (3) must be obtained in agility) under at least two different judges.

Agility and Jumping Class 2

Only open for dogs out placed from class 1 and not yet qualified to participate in class 3.

Outplacement to class 3 happens with a total of six (6) faultless runs placed among the best 20 % of the competitors in the class (of which at least three (3) must be obtained in agility) under at least two different judges.

Agility and Jumping Class 3

Only open for dogs outplaced from class 2. In class 3 even dogs who have already earned the Danish Champion/Master title participates.

For Danish owned dogs the Danish Champion/Master title is acquired by being placed three (3) times as the best not-yet-champion/master with no faults under at least two different judges.

All dogs can win agility and jumping certificates in Denmark. Pedigree dogs earn the title of Danish Agility or Jumping Champion by winning three (3) certificates. Non-pedigree dogs earn the title of Danish Agility or Jumping Master.

There are no additional requirements regarding the dog being entire or approved for breeding. Dogs who during the competition may obtain the title as Danish JP or AGCH, will in accordance with Danish Kennel Club agility regulations be awarded a separate honorary prize.

Please observe that foreign owned dogs who have already obtained titles as Agility Champion and/or Jumping Champion in their home country, are required to win only ONE (1) certificate in order to earn the Champion/Master title in Denmark.

Placement of foreign participants in the official classes

If official jumping classes are held in the home country, these must be used as a basis for placement in the Danish jumping classes. If only official agility classes are held in the home country, the classification in these also applies as a classification in the Danish jumping classes.

Jumping results obtained in Denmark relate only to possible promotions in the jumping classes, just as agility results also only relate to possible promotions in the agility classes.


Unofficial classes:

The following unofficial classes will be offered:

  • Agility (AG) and Jumping (JP) final qualification (QUAL)
  • Junior Class (JUN)
  • Senior Class (SEN)
  • Denmark Open Final (FINAL)

Agility and Jumping qualification class (QUAL)

The aim is to have a degree of difficulty on the courses between class 2 and 3. All qualification classes (Thursday through Saturday) count in the ongoing competition, culminating in the Denmark Open 2023 Final on the last day of the competition.

The qualification classes are conducted i.a.w. the rules for open class according to the Danish Kennel Club agility regulations.

NOTE: The qualification classes will ONLY be open for dogs competing in official classes 2 or 3.

Junior Class (JUN)

Is only open for young dog handlers who in the calendar year in question have reached the age of 8 and have not reached the age of 16 (can participate the rest of the year in the calendar year in which they turn 16). In the Junior Class, only the junior handler and the dog may be on the court with the judge.

NOTE: No junior participation in the qualification classes.

Senior Class (SEN)

Only open for dogs who are 7 years old on the day of the competition. If the dog is registered as a senior, it will ONLY be able to participate in the offered senior classes during the entire competition. Given that the competition extends over 4 days, we only offer senior classes in agility and jumping.

NOTE: The senior classes take place on the same course as class 2, without the tire, and with reduced jumping height. No senior participation in the qualification classes.

Denmark Open final

At DENMARK OPEN 2023 we will conduct separate finals for large dogs, intermediate dogs, medium dogs and small dogs.

The final itself is ONE (1) run on an agility course. Results obtained in the final qualification classes are NOT included in the final, and are thus only decisive for the starting order, as the dog with the fewest points in the two (2) counting races starts last. The winner of the final is the best placed dog in the final race.


Qualification for Denmark Open Final:

The number of participants in the final race is determined as 20% of the average number of participants in the six (6) qualification classes in each of the four (4) sizes. However, a maximum of 25 dogs in each of the four (4) sizes apply.

In each of the 6 qualifying classes, the winner in all 4 sizes and No. 2 in size large are directly qualified for the final. If an already directly qualified competitor achieves another final qualifying result, the qualification is passed on to the first non-qualified in that race. To qualify for the other final places (max. 13 small, medium, intermediate and large dogs) the dog must have at least 2 counting results in the 6 qualification classes. The 2 counting results must be divided into one (1) in jumping and one (1) in agility. By counting results is meant completed classes – i.e. not disqualification.

The dog is awarded points in relation to the achieved result in the class in question. That is, 1st place = 1 point, 10th place = 10 points, 25th place = 25 points, etc. All counting results are converted to points. If results are achieved in more than 2 counting races, only the best jumping and the best agility result counts towards the final qualification. The point-qualified dogs are the dogs with the lowest total score in the 2 counting races in the qualification class.


The following judges has accepted our invitation for judging during Denmark Open 2023:

– Karel Havlicek (Czech Republic) – appointed to judge at the FCI Agility World Championship 2023.
– Anders Virtanen (Suomi/Finland) – appinoted to judge at the FCI Agility World Championship 2023.
– Anna Schönenberger (Switzerland) – appointed to judge at the NKU Agility Nordic Championship 2023.
– Martin Tait (United Kingdom).
– Michiel Lazeroms (The Netherlands).
– Rolli Schiltz (Luxembourg).
– Blaz Oven (Slovenia).
– Renan Andrade Campos (Brazil).
– Pau Serrano Ciratusa (Spain).
– Carolyn Chelchinskey (South Africa).
– Morten Juhl Hansen (Denmark) – appointed to judge at the FCI Agility European Open 2023.
– Regin Reinhard (Denmark) – appointed to judge at the FCI Agility European Open 2023.
– Jane Elene Christensen (Denmark).
– Gert Bruus (Denmark).

Registration and Payment

Registration must be done via the website AGILITYEVENTS (https://agilityevents.dk).

Registration will open on March 15, 2023 at 20.00 hrs. CET.

NOTE: The on-line registration will remain open until our maximum number of starts per competition day (1500 starts) has been reached – however as a minimum until March 28, 2023.

There are no demands upon participation for more than one day. However, in case the maximum limit (1500 starts per day) is reached before March 15, 2023, your participation will be prioritized in accordance with the following criteria:

  • The number of days each competitor want to participate. The more days you register, the higher your registration will be prioritized.
    Highest priority will be given to competitors who register for at least 4 runs per day each of the 4 days of competition.
  • Priority will also be given to competitors who volunteer to act as officials during the week – even if not able to compete the entire week. 
    Highest priority will be given to competitors who register only one dog for the competition, as well as competitors whose none competing family members volunteer as officials.

If you register for participation on March 28, 2023 at the latest, you will receive information within 2 weeks of this date, whether you will be offered a place at the competition, or if you initially will be placed on our waiting list. Participants admitted to the waiting list will be offered participation in relation to the original registration time.

If the maximum number of starts per competition day HAS NOT been reached on March 28, 2023, the on-line registration will remain open until the maximum number of starts has been reached.

NOTE: Your registration will only be finally confirmed once payment for your complete registration has been registered.


NOTE: If you, in connection with the agility national team’s auction or lottery held in 2019, acquired a gift card with a guaranteed participation in Dania Cup 2020 including payment for the first start, the gift card will also be valid for DENMARK OPEN 2023 on the same terms.


Starting fees:

Registration fee must be paid directly upon registration. See more under REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT.

Registration fee (to be paid only once, regardless of which weekday is your first day of competition) – except senior classes 36.00 DKR
ALL official and unofficial classes as well as ALL senior and junior classes 72.00 DKR
Denmark Open Final Free of charge

For the sake of good order we want to point out that the junior classes will be run i.a.w. the Danish Kennel Club agility regulations.


Accommodation and Catering


At the Sports Center in Hoersholm it will be possible to camp in the period from Wednesday, July 12 at 10:00 hrs. and until Monday, July 17 at 12.00 hrs. There is plenty of space on the camping area. Nevertheless we have chosen to set an initial max. limit of campers to 200 units. There will be access to showers and toilets for all campers.

For each “STANDARD UNIT” an area of 10 x 8 meters is assigned. Due to the fire authorities’ safety requirements, this means that the length of your motorhome/caravan must not exceed 7 meters (including the tow). If the length of your motorhome/caravan exceeds 7 meters, you must therefore book space for a “LARGE UNIT” (15 x 8 meters).

The price for camping will be 1,200.00 DKR for a STANDARD UNIT and 1,800.00 DKR for a LARGE UNIT.

Booking of camping is also done via the website AGILITYEVENTS.



During the days July 13 to 16, 2023, lunch will be delivered to the competition participants via a purpose-built “food court” on the competition grounds. The “Food court” is at least open on the days of the competition in the period 10.00-16.00 hrs. The selection will consist of various fast-food products, lunch buns, sandwiches, supplemented with drinks as well as ice cream, sweets and fruit.

As detailed arrangements with the suppliers fall into place, you will be able to find more information about catering on this page.