We are sorry to inform that Kvistgård Agility Forening has decided to cancel DENMARK OPEN 2021.
By the end of the registration deadline, we had received fewer registrations than the 800 starts per day, which we had set as a minimum criteria for conduct of the competition. In addition, we were lacking a number of payments of the participation fee – mostly from foreign participants – which with the continued uncertainty about the COVID-19 reopening of Denmark, including not least foreign participants’ opportunity to travel to and from Denmark in July is fully understandable.
We are very sad – for the second year in a row – to cancel the summer holiday’s agility “highlight”, but unfortunately we currently see no other option but to “pull the cancellation card”.
To everyone who have shown us confidence, and signed up and paid for participation in the event, we of course apologize for the inconvenience that the cancellation may cause, but we hope in return that our decision will come in due time to allow everyone to arrange a good summer holiday anyway.
As promised we will of course refund any prepaid participation fee. However, this can only be done via bank transfer, which is why we ask you to send us an email with banking information (IBAN-number and SWIFT-code), which we need in order to return the participation fee.
With the desire for – after all – a good summer to you all, and once again sorry for the inconvenience.
Poul Lerche
Competition Director
Denmark Open 2021